Photo Challenge #104

Hello friends,

Thank you for sharing your amazing, inspiring pieces of creativity on last Tuesday’s photo prompt. It was overwhelming to see how differently and delicately our brains operate on a single trigger. Such a perk to be at this side and run through the emotions your beautiful artwork stirs… always, always a perk. I also wanted to write something on it, but unfortunately couldn’t get enough time out. But this week, I’ll try harder and write a poem. Let’s see how that goes.

So here is this week’s inspiration. This is a photograph by Brooke Shaden. I love the thought of being pulled by the clouds. I won’t know what the artist had in her mind when she prepared this piece, but it won’t stop me from thinking about it. And that’s how we get inspired. Don’t we? I am excited to know how this photograph inspires you to create inspiring pieces. Can’t wait.

pulled by clouds- Brooke Shaden
– Brooke Shaden

All entries are welcomed and please tag your responses with MLMM – MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie and Photo Challenge. If you choose to use the image in your post, please direct link and credit the artist.


  1. And here you were worried about finding interesting images for us? *smiling with gentle laughter* …. absolutely fascinating image …. and I’m sure the responses will be as daring and intriguing as ever 🙂 Great choice Nekneeraj 😀


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