Photo Prompt #99 February 9, 2016

Sadhu by Sukanto Debnath CC BY 2.0

So let’s kick off with a portrait.
The eyes are mirrors to the soul? Dive deep into the mystical reflections and dare to reveal what meanings offered back to you? What story have you?
Share your responses – flash fiction, micro flash burst, poetry [any forms], song, lyrics, drawings, doodles – whatever dances through and moves your spirit – by linking to the official MLMM link and/or by creating a ping back here on this post.

Remember to direct credit the artist if you choose to use the image in your post.
Tag your efforts with MLMM – MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie and Photo Challenge so others may happily stumble upon your glorious efforts.


    • LOL – well … there is something deeply affecting about the intensity of his gaze – it’s almost like a “quiet challenge” – to be interpreted individually ….

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