Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille January 27th One-bun

universal light
Universal Light

Dear friends of MLMM,

During lack of time I have a very short Heeding Haiku for you all. This week it is haibun what we are doing and I think I have a nice challenge for you.

A while ago I read an article in the summer edition of “Vuursteen” (Fire stone) the seasonly magazine of the Dutch Haiku Circle (Haiku Kring Nederland). In this summer edition, one of the editors, discusses the one-bun invented by Jim Kacian. The one-bun is an ultra-short haibun which has just one line of prose (including the title) and a (one-line) haiku. I will give an example of this one-bun written by Jim himself.

The light

of the most distant stars, which describes for us the size and age of the universe, won’t reach us for aeons, leaving us to imagine …

dark space the red shift of my mind

© Jim Kacian

Nice “one-bun” I would say, not an easy form to write by the way. Here is my example:


shares its sweet perfume as this summer day runs to an end, while I enjoy the coolness and the warmth of her naked body next to mine …

hot summer day the sweet scent of Honeysuckle and the one I love

© Chèvrefeuille

And now it’s up to you … try to write a “one-bun” and share it here with us at MLMM. I am looking forward to read your “one-bun”.




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