B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond – January 23, 2016

Hello Folks,

Today we’re going to try something new.  On January 12th I wrote a poem inspired by the five words furnished by Secret Keeper every Monday.  The words were REASON | BREAK | STAY | GIVE | RAIN.

I decided that I’d go “free style” that is I’d not write using any particular poetry form.  My first stanza became:

stay by me
even as the dawn breaks
the sun gives way
to another cold day of rain
stay here between these silken sheets
stay by me

I like repetitions in poems and especially the first and last lines.  It gives them a feeling of constancy to me echoing each other.  As you see, not all the words were used.  I liked the pattern so I decided to write a second stanza following the same pattern:

here we’re warm
we can play here ’til noon
we can talk too
listen to my story of trees
stay here between these silken sheets
here we’re warm

I liked the verse that came out … after editing it a bit of course – I decided to link the two verses with that fifth line making a link by echoing that line.  But I hadn’t used the the unused word.  So I decided to write a third stanza instead of trying to force the word into one of the earlier stanzas.

let’s sleep on
no reason to get up now
our bodies are warm
we have our spring in winter
stay here between these silken sheets
let’s sleep on

There … that worked out nicely I thought .. but something was missing.  A conclusion so I wrote these:

stay by me
here we’re warm
let’s sleep on
[goodbye my love]

The first three lines echo the earlier stanzas … and in brackets the fourth line creates the logical ending, my conclusion.  I posted it without as an unnamed invented form and eventually after various suggestions called it “L’Eco” which is Italian for The Echo.

Now what will I ask you to do today.  I would like you to try to create your own poetry form inspiring yourself from the Image furnished in this post … or if you’re not feeling inspired to write a new form, write a poem using my new form ( the word count is: 3 – 5 – 4 – 6 – 6 – 3 – last stanza 3-3-3-3 last line [in brackets].  Or of course you may try any of the variations of the Shadorma.

Now for our inspiration:

Green Wheat Field with Cypress, Vincent van Gogh1889, Narodni Gallery, Prague
Green Wheat Field with Cypress, Vincent van Gogh 1889,  Narodni Gallery, Prague

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Have a great week everyone!  Ciao Bastet.


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