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Photo Challenge # 94: January 5, 2016

Welcome to a new year and a new segment of the MLMM photo challenge!

Here’s wishing everyone peace, joy, health, laughter and an abundance of imagination and creativity for 2016.

Right to the prompt then, shall we?

Reflection through an early dawn – cold brisk fresh air – clearing the mind – room to spare for new dreams on an open horizon?

Play as your imaginations run away – share whatever has inspired you – free-verse poetry, micro flash, micro bursts, lyrics, haiku, haibun, flash fiction etc.

Link to the prompt by creating a ping back and add your link to the official link hook-up for this week. [Include the tags MLMM or Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie as well as Photo challenge so others may chance across your work.]

If you use the image directly in your response, please credit the artist appropriately.

A note: just to add some confusion [non-intentional] my sign-in name is CPP – just a shortened version of “clothespeggedpat” – so be not alarmed – you are still conversing with the same lunatic [mostly harmless] 😉

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14 comments on “Photo Challenge # 94: January 5, 2016

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  2. writersdream9
    January 5, 2016

    Hey CPP! I love this picture! Will get started on it!

    • CPP
      January 5, 2016

      Hello Carol 🙂 Glad you find it interesting – I thought so too 😉

      Looking forward to your contributions to the challenge 🙂

      Cheers ~ Pat

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  5. julespaige
    January 5, 2016

    I had just a bit of time to start before Little Miss arrived and now she is napping.
    I still hope to catch up on return visits… but I couldn’t help myself…as three MLMM prompts fell into place for:
    Winter Reflections ( BeeBee)

    • CPP
      January 6, 2016

      thank you for the great piece 🙂
      [amazing what you can fashion within the odds and ends of your days 😉 ]

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