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Tale Weaver 46: Creature Feature New Year


Have a Creature Feature New Year!

Have a Creature Feature New Year!

For some cultures and calendars, December 31st is the last day of the current year.

Some folks make new year’s resolutions – what they will or won’t, may or mon’t? do as of January 1st.

It’s a time when predictions are made concerning the year to come.

And, as with any eve, tales told, stories spun, prose pronounced, poetry passioned.

Look at New Year’s Eve or the New Year from the perspective of your favourite “creature” from Jim Henson Studios (Sesame Street, Muppets) Aardman (Wallace, Gromit, et. al.); Claymation. Make resolutions. Host a party. Predict 2016.

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Michael and I hope you resolve to weave many tales in 2016 – and to share them with us.

Here are a couple of creature features for you to enjoy

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