Photo Challenge #92 December 22, 2015

A vignette – a scene – captured in a moment, as if in a dream.

What story have you?

(Awarded 1st Place) Great Grandmother by SFC Lance Widner – Division 1 (Active Duty Military) CC BY 2.0

Please share your responses however they come to pass.

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See you in the responses!

Cheers ~ Pat


  1. At one point our niece was doing photo journalism during her course of service.
    This photo also brings to mind our own ‘great-grandmother’ who was able to hold her great-grand-daughter and then within six months… passed.
    I’ll be back. Not sure if this will fit in a BeeBee snippet. But this will inspire something… Thank you.

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    • thanks for sharing your thoughts here Jules – indeed very touching and moving.

      as for possible inspiration? well sometimes just the image alone is enough to savor – but as usual – no worries no hurries about prompts – they are pretty much open-ended 🙂

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