Writing Prompt #135 “We hate most in others, what we dislike in ourselves”

Today’s prompt was suggested to me by Oliana and it is a bit different for me as I am using a segment from a poem I wrote for the inspiration.


“I keep running into myself

Within others and it is she

That rejects me whilst

They pass unknowingly”

I am sure you are familiar with the adage “We hate most in others, what we dislike in ourselves.” Whenever I come across a person I don’t like, I study them not in a “keep your enemies close way”. I just explore the reasons for my aversion. In every case where I have done this, I have been able to let go of the hostility and while I don’t always come to enjoy their company I do come, in time, to accept them. When I don’t take the time my fear and aversion only increases and I end up running away at the mere sight of them, sometimes missing out on opportunities in an effort to escape. I don’t even give them the chance to reject me or express their opinions, rather I assign them motives and opinions which very rarely reflect the reality of the situation.


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