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Tale Weaver #41 – Masks


Weave a tale in which masks are an important feature, prop, characteristic of a character…

Is it something to hide behind, a way of assuming a new character, part of a program, an aspect of yourself…….

You could imagine yourself as wearing the mask and explore the character you believe you are behind the mask.

Go have fun, after all we do love playing with masks..


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17 comments on “Tale Weaver #41 – Masks

  1. tale weaver/ing
    November 26, 2015

    I’ve been waiting for this tale to weave. Which mask shall I don for this one?

    • summerstommy2
      November 26, 2015

      Oh I am sure you have many to select from….surprise us…

      • tale weaver/ing
        November 26, 2015

        I might even surprise myself!
        Be patient; this may take a while 😉

      • summerstommy2
        November 26, 2015

        Just don’t get bogged down with all yours arguing with each other

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  3. J Lapis
    November 26, 2015

    Great prompt!!

    • summerstommy2
      November 26, 2015

      Thank you Miss J, I look forward to your response….

      • J Lapis
        November 26, 2015

        Could be a while….

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  7. writersdream9
    November 27, 2015

    I really got into this one however I think my poem is half poetry and half documentary. Oh well. I enjoyed it and hope you do too! 🙂

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  10. Melinda Kucsera
    December 2, 2015

    Just posted my take on this one:

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  12. clothespeggedpat
    December 4, 2015

    apologizes for being late – but this was a source of inspiration which was a barb I had to reference ….

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