Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille November 4th 2015 the cry of the Eagle


Dear friends of MLMM,

Welcome at a new episode of Heeding Haiku With … or shall I say “Heeding Haibun With …”? As you maybe can remember two weeks ago I introduced haibun to you and I “promised” to make the haibun a bi-weekly theme of Heeding Haiku With … So this week I have another nice challenge for you.
I will give you a passage extracted from a story I once have written for my own haiku weblog. The goal is to use that passage in your haibun. You can start with it, you can end with it or it’s somewhere in the middle of your haibun. Of course you have to write a haiku too, because that’s haibun, prose and haiku.

Here is the passage from that story:

[…] “Several years later somewhere high in the Altai Mountains an old shaman and his apprentice sat down on a rock. They sat there for a few days looking over the steppes and the mountains. “Maidar”. The apprentice looked at his old master. “It’s time. Can you hear the cry of the Eagle?” Maidar nodded. “Yes my master I can hear the cry of the Eagle”. As he looked at his master he saw that his spirit was already gone, had left his body. Then he heard and saw the Eagle. In his mind he heard the last words of his master, Batbayar. “You have become a great shaman Maidar and I know that you have finally regained your helpful strength and a lot more … use it well …” […]

At the end of this story I once wrote I enclosed a haiku which I love to share here with you too:

whispering leaves
telling all wisdom of the steppes –
cry of an eagle

©  Chèvrefeuille

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