Photo Challenge #85 November 3, 2015

Hi everyone! Welcome to another photo prompt challenge!
Thanks to everyone who participated last week – absolutely wonderful and fascinating entries – it was great reading.
And thanks to all for the warm and generous welcome 🙂

So – faces – faces familiar and unknown – the character of a life mapped out – or hidden behind veils – etched lines of a life-long smoker, draw lines pulled tightly around mouth and lips – genetics at play – or the softest silkiest skin of a dewy fresh swaddled baby. Faces – we identify with faces – connections made or broken –
Today’s prompt: “Decompose” by zaldy icaonapo

1702-1253571541QfVA“Decompose” by zaldy icaonapo

(Click on the image to enlarge it for more details)

Let your imaginations strip away layers and seek solace, comfort or sins of pleasure – or whatever has sparked your interest after you’ve considered this image.
Most importantly – let yourselves ride the tide and flow – letting go – have fun!
Share your thoughts – poems, prose, flash fiction, short stories etc. If it inspires a visual creation of your own – be it photograph or other visual medium – please, share.
Remember – if you use the image directly in your responses, please, credit the artist/photographer.
And don’t forget to leave a link to this prompt in your response, creating a pingback – as well as adding your entry to the official Linky.

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Awaiting your contributions with interest and anticipation.
Cheers ~ Pat


  1. […] I like the way ‘boarder’ fits – as often family attempts to eat together and yet they can also seem to be strangers at the same table. We often tend to ‘play games’ when we feast. And there is no real demarcation line in ‘family rules’. […]

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