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Tale Weaver #37 Pet Story


Weave a tale about a favourite pet or an imaginary one. It can take any form and be a pet of your own choosing.

Your tale can be about an heroic rescue, a troubled pet, a rogue pet or simply a tale detailing the love between you and your pet….

Please TAG your post: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Tale Weaver. Add your link to the MLMM image mr.linky. In case the tale weaver gremlins are at work, please link back to this post, as well.

10 comments on “Tale Weaver #37 Pet Story

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  2. J Lapis
    October 29, 2015

    My family had a dog–he partied with my brother, they suffered dual hangovers; and he was similar to my brother in that he liked the ladies–a lot; there were puppies all over the place with the distinctive feathery curled tail…; he dressed the part of a rascal too, always wore a colorful neckerchief; and he quickly learned to raise the latch on a window so he could go on the prowl–had quite a police record, and no shame or remorse whatsoever when McDonald’s would report him for begging burgers and fries from paying customers. Eventually, like with most “folks”, the wild life caught up with him–deathly ill with cancer, so my brother took him to the woods for a quick and easy goodbye bullet. He was a character, and tenderhearted…

    • summerstommy2
      October 29, 2015

      Thank you J I think everyone will have an entertaining pet story….I like that one…

      • J Lapis
        October 29, 2015

        In case I didn’t do it as a post, I thought you might enjoy the condensed “comment” version…

      • summerstommy2
        October 29, 2015

        Excellent I know you would be full of tales.😀

      • J Lapis
        October 29, 2015

        Not many regarding pets, though–we didn’t have many, or for long periods of time; and truthfully, I’m not a pet person…I can barely deal with humans 🙂

  3. tale weaver/ing
    October 29, 2015

    Great prompt. Lots of way to weave tales about pets.

  4. tale weaver/ing
    October 29, 2015

    And J. thanks for sharing. Curious. What was the “rascal’s” name?

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