B&P Shadorma and Beyond – The Trinet – October 17, 2015

Hello Everybody … this has been a really very interesting week for me.  As you know, I’ve been participating in OctPoWriMo along with about 60 other poet friends and it has been extremely stimulating!

Besides the challenge of writing everyday, which believe it or not is really inspiring (even for me and I write every single day at the very least one post) it’s like a mountain that you know is just waiting to be climbed, there’s also all the different styles and forms that people come up with.

One of those forms is the Trinet, and I’m afraid I really don’t remember who introduced it.  It’s not particularly difficult … it’s  just 7 lines with word counts of 2,2,6,6,2,2,2 – however anyone who’s ever done a micro poem knows that tiny does not mean simple!  Here’s the Trinet that I wrote for Yve’s Collage prompt

Collage 8

Memories of Innocence

in my secret garden
where once I wished on stars
a dream
now gone

© G.s.k. ‘15

 [Now for a little inspiration … let’s go back to 1971 …]

Of course … if you’ve got a piece of music, a photo or your own art work that inspires you, please feel free to use them, and as always you have the choice of using the featured form or a Shadorma.

Once you’ve completed your poem, please tag B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond and Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and link up with Mr. Linky below.

Have a great week folks!  Bastet.


      • I plan to continue getting entertainment mileage from your very “hip” phrase, which I’d love to have on a T-shirt! Know anyone who could make them for us?? And I managed to get my Trinet/Shadorma assignment done…not half-bad, but far from stellar…


      • Glad you found the Trinet/Shadorma fun … I just realized, thanks to the readers that I wrote my Trinet using syllable instead of words … that’s a haiku writer’s deformation I guess, didn’t even take into consideration the number of words! A T-shirt could be fun … but it’d be more likely you’d find a low-cost printer in the U.S. … though I might ask my son who lives in the great metropolis (sic) of Padua … one could print a haiku and then the phrase “Flip the Ku” LOL!


      • Oh dear, are you saying the Trinet should be written with a word-count, rather than syllables?? That would actually be a help, if so.

        As to the T-shirt: the haiku could be on the front, and “our” phrase on the back! What a conversation starter, eh?

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      • So, what are you going to call the form that uses syllables, rather than words in the same numerical structure? I’m waiting with bated breath–expecting something as cool as “flip the ‘ku” 🙂

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      • Unlike many haiku poets, I’d not taken the thing into consideration … hmmm —- and what a reputation I have now, it must be something exceptionally well thought out 😉 What about a 3 Mōjō-ku (in English a tri-netted ku) ku means stanza btw 😉


  1. Oh this OctPoWriMo has pushed me to write more non waka poetry…I did my Trinet with the count of syllables and not words as your example is. Not sure which it is supposed to be. I love that collage, so it was a treat to write to it again.


    • I know what you mean .. and I guess the haiku habit got me and I wrote the poem in syllables as well … I didn’t even read my own explanation – I’m so sorry about that. It is a lovely collage.


    • LOL … you’re a wonder dear Jules … I mistakenly wrote my poems … today’s and the one in the example using syllables … such is life … my problem is probably the opposite of yours, I’ve got to learn to make things a little longer again … I’ve gone a bit to much in the other direction over the past 3 years.

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