Tale Weaver 32: story in search of a muse


Image: Self Portrait, the Artist Hesitating Between the Arts of Music and Painting (1791) Artist: Angelica Kauffman

File Source: abc gallery Source: wikiart.org

Writers often refer to the influence the muse has on their creative process. Muses intercede between ideas and voice. Between ephemeral thoughts and the solid page.

The writer and the muse have an unwritten contract, a non-scripted dialogue, the makings of a reality show.

Weave a tale about the relationship between writer and muse. How/when do writer and muse unite? What do they create?

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  1. an interesting prompt that can be approached in many different ways 🙂

    fascinating offers on the table ….. shall we dine and feast or starve? 😉


    • My great-grandmother always maintained she sat at the starvation end of the table; after my 5 great-uncles had filled their plates.
      She did have a way of getting even — but that’s another tale for another day.
      Thanks for dropping by.

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