B&P Shadorma & Beyond – September 19, 2015

Hello Everyone!

It’s nearly October and that means OctPoWriMo 2015 time … I don’t know how many of you participate in this autumn event … I very much enjoy it myself and will try to write a new poem (not haiku) a day and link up with the blog.  In the meantime, I receive a post a day from OctPoWriMo 2015 manned by various Creatrix and Contributors.


Today let’s look at a classical form of prosody – the Kyrielle Poem not to be confused with the Kyrielle Sonnet which I introduced back in November 2014 

What’s the difference between the two – well let’s look at the Kyrielle Poem:

A Kyrielle poem is made up of 4 stanzas with four lines each line having eight syllables (in metrics that is in tetrameter and people tend to write them in iamb feet* for those who are interested here’s the Link to our glossary). The capital being the refrain (which is born from the fourth line of the first stanza) – you’ll notice here that unlike the sonnet there is no fifth conclusive  2 line stanza created by the first and last line of the first stanza:


Here’s an example of how it’s done … a poem written by John Payne (the poet not the actor)


A Little Pain

A little pain, a little pleasure.
A little heaping up of treasure,
Then no more gazing upon the sun.
All things must end that have begun.

Where is the time for hope or doubt?
A puff of the wind and life is out:
A turn of the wheel and the rest is won.
All things must end that have begun.

Golden mornings and purple night,
Life that fails with the failing light:
Death is the only deathless one.
All things must end that have begun.

John Payne

And here’s our inspiration for either a Kyrielle Poem or as an alternative a Shadorma:

Ferry Boat Passengers

Of course, you may find that you have a photo or piece of music that inspires you, so please don’t hesitate to use them … once you’ve written your post, please tag: Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie and B&P Shadorma & Beyond then link to the Mr. Linky App below (if you have problems you can put your link in the comments, we’ll find you!)

Have a great week!  Bastet


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