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Tale Weaver #29: Tranquility

Scout 1

Image: ©Scout’s Snapshots: used with permission.

Use the above image as a stimulus to weave a tale about the concept of tranquillity. It could be a place where the Spirit of Tranquillity lives, the waters of the pond are magical, life giving, calming, you could imagine the pond and surrounding forest as the spirits playground or as a place of solace.

Tranquil ; free from disturbance; calm: her tranquil gaze | the sea was tranquil.

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9 comments on “Tale Weaver #29: Tranquility

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  4. opie houston
    September 3, 2015

    Not sure how to post here:


    immersing myself
    in a mindful prompted pond…
    feet, legs, stomach, chest, shoulders…
    a cooling of the hot world
    and its angry images

    • phylor
      September 3, 2015

      Thank you for joining in Tale Weavers.
      Your words remind me of my creative visualization of waves washing over me — pulling away the pain, anger, sadness, and washing me in hope, promise, endurance.
      It is a beautiful intense poem.

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