Writing Prompt #122 “Collage 5″

Collage 5

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The quote above is by Charles Bukowski. How do these images connect? What is the underlying theme? What’s the story here? The overarching emotions? If you like you can read them like panels in a comic strip it’s up to you how your interpret them. Literal or abstract are both perfectly acceptable.

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      • Oooh, family drama–my sympathies. (Recently I took time to read more “about” you–learned you have a 5 yr old daughter; I’ll bet she is adorable, fun and precious!) I had a couple good days…think I’m just over-tired tonight, as we had no power yesterday/night, so my sleep schedule got all messed up. Expecting to be in top form tomorrow, thanks!


      • She is 7 now as I am terrible about updating my about page haha She is adorable and I don’t that is just my bias as a mother lol I am so glad to hear you had good days. I hate getting off my sleep schedule too, it just wrecks havoc on me. My mom confronted my dad about the abuse. It was something I feared so I never told her but I finally did years and years after the fact but she confronted him as I thought she would but she assures me they are both alive. They are not a couple now btw and have not been for many many years


      • Oh gosh–there’s a subject that just never goes well, no matter how or when (or who) it gets brought up. I know. When my brother brought it up to my mom, she came running to me–all defensive, you know? So, stupidly–I added that it had happened to me too (it was our biological dad), I’m older than my brother by a couple years. As usual–this is why it was stupid for me to open my mouth–she just stared at me and said nothing; it was terrible that it happened to her fave son–but me? Oh well… Sheesh…she’s dead for years, but I still just want to punch her some days. Now, see what you started! Just kidding!!

        Back to your daughter–7 yrs old, she must be reading and doing all manner of creative things now, I’ll bet; may I ask if she’s in public school? Just curious.


      • It isn’t easy and I waited a very long time to speak to my mom about it. Perhaps that was unfair because it created a distance between us for years. She has handled it much better than I thought though and I feel over all that this will be good for my recovery. I wasn’t ready before. I am sorry you went through that as well, it is such a an impossible situation.

        In Sweden they start school later and the first year honestly they just play they don’t really learn to read or write. She is reading a lot more now and writing some too. She is actually better at and more interested in math and music. She is in public school, a very small one. They just have one 2nd grade class actually there is only one class of each grade and they are pretty small. I think she has like 10 classmates.


      • Oh wow, how fortunate to have small classes–unlike public school in the US, so over-crowded.

        As for the other topic, I would never have mentioned it to my mom–knowing that she would have written it off to my imagination or something–but as my brother had just apparently blindsided her with the info, I took a shot and added that he wasn’t alone in the abuse. My situation was no-win with her all my life…and I may never get over it. But I’m very glad to hear that you are making a recovery, and evidently, have fairly good communication with your mom.


      • Well I can only speak for where we live as we live in a village. I thought my mom might not believe me either, hell I didn’t want to believe it was happening. We have definitely had our issues but over the years she has made some positive changes. So I feel we are in a better place now. Communication has not been easy, we’ve had to fight very hard and we still struggle


      • I’m happy for you, any gains you make with your mom–it shows a deep love that you both are willing to fight hard. Sometimes I wish I could go back–have just one day, any day, with my mom, and have courage enough to say, “what can we do to make things better between us?”


    • It could just be me. I am in a different timezone than many of my readers and on top of that I go to bed early and am away from the internet (maybe 14 or so hours including my 8 hours for sleep) so I can’t always approve the pings right when they come in


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