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Wordle #74 “August 17, 2015″

Week 74

1. Madness

2. Fertile

3. Scorn

4. Listen

5. Crinoline (a petticoat of haircloth or other stiff material, worn under a full skirt to keep it belled out. A stiff, coarse cotton material for interlining)

6. Exaggerate

7. Petrous (like stone, especially in hardness; stony; rocky)

8. Needle

9. Lily

10. Fragile

11. Ornament

12. Twenty-Three (It’s the meaning of everything having to do with chaos)

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

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About mindlovemisery

Music: PJ Harvey, Radio Head, Fleetwood Mac, David Usher/Moist, Johnny Cash, Portishead, Damien Rice (basically I am a 90s kid I like alternative, grunge, Industrial and other types of metal, oldies, punk, rock etc.) Authors: Sylvia Plath, James Baldwin, Edmund White, Arthur Rimbaud, Jim Carrol, Jeff Noon, etc. Movies: A Clock Work Orange, Fight Club, House of Flying Daggers (I like a lot of cult movies, horror, comedy, drama, I don't like action and fantasy is terrifying lol) Philosophical Beliefs: Buddhism, Daoism, Shintoism (before it changed under Nationalism), The Transcendent Order Favorite Video Game: Planescape Torment What I do: read, write, yoga, pilates, weight-lift, walk, study philosophy and psychology, dance like a crazy person, paint, dream etc. Qualities: stubborn, sarcastic, teasing, playful, open, flirtatious, eccentric, passionate, forgetful, open-minded.

25 comments on “Wordle #74 “August 17, 2015″

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  3. phylor
    August 17, 2015

    I love how each wordle adds to my vocabulary! This time: petrous

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  7. Valida Faire
    August 17, 2015

    I had no idea that “23” was a reference to “chaos”–thanks for that gem of enlightenment!! I feel totally brilliant now–look out, world!

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  8. AC Elliott
    August 18, 2015

    With the first word being “Madness” and the last referring to chaos, how on earth could I pass this one up? I look forward to participating later this week.

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  11. julespaige
    August 19, 2015

    Multi prompt haibun including 3 of the 6 from MLMM, collage, photo, wordle:



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