Tale Weaver #26: inuksuk


Vancouver, British Columbia Winter Games, 2010

In Inuit (and other Artic Circle languages), inuksuk* translates into “something which acts for or performs the function of a person.” Traditionally, for example, inuksuk indicated a point of reference, travel route, or spiritual place.
Now the inuksuk symbolizes a variety of attributes, as adopted by non-Arctic Circle society/culture. “I was here. I am me. Peace/Namaste. Understanding/compassion.”
Weave a tale about your inuksuk(s). What do they symbolize? Where will they take you?

*I used the inuksuk to embody “My brother-in-law was here” in an eulogy I posted to my blog.


  1. I must think about that…I remember seeing a young man mounting his rocks every strategically along the ocean front and railway at White Rock, BC. the train passed and not one rock budged.


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