Writing Prompt #119 “NoEnd House Part 3″


For a refresher of the original prompt click here

Today’s image is a fire poker that my husband made. He took a Blacksmith course last year (it was a 2 day course) and this was the first thing he ever made (he had no experience prior to the course)! He’s a natural =). Anyhow this is the object for your next prompt and your word is “Rampage”.


  1. That’s a gorgeous, if dangerous-looking, fire poker; your husband is very talented! I was wondering when Part 3 was coming, and here it is–thanks.


  2. I went to one of those Renaissance Fairs once and even a few ‘old’ homestead history places to see blacksmiths at work. Not an easy task to work in that heat even in winter and those twists take time – really beautiful.

    A few things to do before figuring out how to incorporate my three prompts into room 3 🙂


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