Writing Prompt #115 “NoEnd House Part 1”

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I dream frequently about houses. Houses supposedly represent the self, literal doors of the mind so when I came across the horror story NoEnd House I was naturally fascinated. The houses in my dreams have no end, one room leads to another and another, sometimes with repeating motifs, every room seemingly its own dimension. A perpetual labyrinth. In NoEnd House there are 9 rooms. I had thought about doing this as a single prompt but describing 9 rooms in vivid detail would create for some extremely lengthy responses so I decided we would do a series of prompts 9 to be exact so that we can take our time describing each of these magnificent/macabre rooms. I would like to emphasize that just because the idea came to me from a horror story it does not mean that you have to write a horror story. You can write a fantasy piece, a psychological dissection of your various selves, you could even describe the 9 levels of heaven if you like. Each room could be totally different so there is no overarching genre. One thing I want you to make sure to describe is the doors and how/where they are located and if they have keys. For each of these prompts I am going to give you either a word or an image (I am taking the photos so you can alter/distort them, however, you like) to use as inspiration in describing your room (your dreams are another great source for this prompt). Be as abstract or concrete as you like but leave an impression.

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      • I often dream of houses too. Odd floor plans that I can almost remember.
        Once I created a motor home home for my grandparents. But I connected it to an odd little motor home that the family had. I have photos of this little silver bullet type that could be pulled by a car. Though I don’t think I actually ever saw the inside.

        Just the other night I created an escape route through an apartment building – there were false doors that took me to the apartment next door and other doors that were in corners that were elevators that went up and down but only to certain floors. Thankfully, at least I think there weren’t any occupants while going through this maze!

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  1. I have a recurring dream where I find myself in a large, disheveled house with light coming in through holes in the ceiling and walls. There is always a malevolent feeling about the place, particularly in the basement. Not long ago, this dream coincided with my recurring dream where a tornado is following me from town to town. It never quite reaches me, but the threat does grow closer as the dream goes on.
    Dissecting me psychologically would prove interesting but would probably scare most people away. I don’t have dissociative identity disorder, but my personality isn’t entirely cohesive. I often compare my psyche to a glass or vase that was dropped and someone put back together. It’s a unit, but there are definite cracks.


    • That is a dream I can relate to, night after night I dream of houses of various sorts. Whenever I recall the house of my childhood it always comes with intense dread and I associate it with this black-eyed creepy bride (I don’t remember sensing any such figure when I was living there). There were shadow people and there was poltergeist activity which I think came from me but the bride I don’t remember yet in my dreams she is there.I do have Dissociative Disorder along with an assortment of other mental illnesses and so I for one am absolutely open to deep explorations of the psyche if you are willing to undertake them. You can also of course write a fictional story and thus do not have to reveal anymore of yourself than you feel comfortable revealing. As the people participating in my challenges are largely away of my issues I believe them to be an open and sensitive group.


  2. I’m a teensy bit confused–this is part 1 of 9?? So we only write about the 1st door, right? And the link I have is “writing prompt 115-saint lawrence river”–can this be right?? Sorry to cause trouble–maybe it’s all my fault for changing blogs/moving to my “summer place” (from Dim Scribbles Diary). The prompt is fascinating–but I want to make sure I’m on the same page with you!


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