Tale Weaver #21 – Flight


This week I am asking you to weave a tale using one of the many meanings of the word FLIGHT.

There are many ways in which to use this word and below are some of the meanings together with a few phrases which you may find useful as well.



* the action or process of flying through the air: an eagle in flight | the history of space flight. the movement or trajectory of a projectile or ball through the air as in golf

* a flock or large body of birds or insects in the air, flights of whooper swans.

  • a group of aircraft operating together

* [ mass noun ] the action of fleeing: the enemy were now in flight

* a series of steps between floors or levels: I climbed the three flights of stairs

* an extravagant or far-fetched idea or thought process: his research assistant was prone to flights of fancy.


in full flight escaping as fast as possible.

put someone/thing to flight cause someone or something to flee

take flight 1 take off and fly. the ducks took flight. 2 (also take to flight) flee:

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    • Wandering muses are part of the writing “trade.” Mine goes on nice vacations, and spa trips. Sometimes the wandering takes you places that are special.

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    • I was very touched by your story. It was a beautiful expression of what goes on inside the mind when the body is merely a shell.
      My family has a history of dementia and Alzheimer’s. I was my mother’s care giver. She had dementia when she died, and her sister died from the affects of Alzheimer’s. So your story especially drew me in.
      Thanks so much for participating.

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      • Yes, it’s touched the people in my family as well. It’s tough being a caregiver. Kudos to you for taking that on. Only another caregiver would know how hard it is.


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