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Fairy Tale prompt June 26th 2015 A Japanese Fairy Tale to inspire you


Dear friends of MLMM,

As you all maybe know I am a haiku poet. Haiku is an ancient Japanese poetry form and so I decided (after been given this idea by Candice) to try another way for our Fairy Tale prompt. I will share a Japanese fairy tale with you for your inspiration and I start with that idea this week.

Otohime: Beware of Gifts From a Dragon Princess

Otohime is one of the beautiful daughters of Ryujin the dragon king (which we saw in our yesterday’s post). Her main claim to fame is that she is the grandmother of Japan’s first Emperor — Emperor Jimmu (Japan’s first 15 Emperors are presumed to be mythical).

[…] Otohime appears in Urashima Taro, one of Japan’s best known myths. Urashima Taro was a young fisherman who saved a small turtle from torture at the hands of a gang of children. It turned out that the turtle was Otohime (daughter of the dragon god).
He is rewarded with a visit to the dragon king’s palace under the sea. He spends 3 days at the palace with the beautiful Princess Otohime (who has shape shifted to human form).
When it’s time for the fisherman to return home, Otohime gives him a small box. She says the box will protect him but that he should never open it.
When the fisherman returns to his village he finds that 300 years has passed. His family, friends and everyone he ever knew is gone. Desperate, he opens the box and instantly becomes an old man.

Urashima Taro opens the gift box

Urashima Taro opens the gift box

What a sad story … it’s about trust and love, but also about playing a prank on humans. It’s about curiosity … Urashima opens the box he got from Otohime notwithstanding what she had said and the result … well you have read that.

I hope you are inspired by this Japanese fairy tale in which curiosity plays an important role. So write a short story or poem in which curiosity is one of the themes. Let your inspiration and fantasy flow … bring up magical and mystical creatures and let us enjoy it.

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  2. phylor
    June 27, 2015

    I really enjoyed the Japanese Fairy Tale/Myth concerning Otohime. I was inspired to use curiosity is a theme in a tale about a cat.


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