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Fairy Tale Prompt June 12th 2015 Galactic Journey


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Dear friends of MLMM,

Here I am again with an all new episode of our Fairy Tale prompt. This week it’s all about galactic journey. And to start this journey to the unknown places in the universe I love to tell you something. Maybe I have told it earlier in a Fairy Tale prompt, but that I don’t know for sure.
Back in 2007 I published my first fantasy novel “Netsach, the solar system of the seven magical worlds”, it was published in Dutch by the way and it will be translated to English soon. In that novel one of the leading personalities is a great sorcerer or magician. He has several powers and one of those powers is that he can travel through the universe as fast as light. The only thing he needs for that is a dolmen, a sacred stone monument (like Stonehenge), as he goes into a deep meditation he becomes light and can travel to the planet of his ancestors.

Imagine you are a sorcerer of a magician and you can travel as fast as the light. You are the only one who can save a certain planet or a solar system. You can travel as fast as the light as I told you above about my novel’s leading person. What would do? What dangers you would encounter? And so on ….
Write a short story or poem about this galactic journey and your adventures …. Do you save the planet or the solar system?

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  1. mj6969
    June 13, 2015

    Sounds like a fascinating challenge – with many possibilities 🙂 Thank you!

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