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Fairy Tale Prompt June 5th 2015, the quest for fire


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Dear friends of MLMM,

Time really flies. Another week gone like dust in the wind. Here in The Netherlands we have a little heat wave with temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius and that’s hot for this time of year in my country. Such hot days are on the other hand wonderful, because I like the heat … it’s time to go outside into the forest or to the beach. Finally nature gives me the freedom of feeling like our far ancestors … running and hunting in the nude … I would love to experience the time of our far ancestors, the first human kind on our planet … would be awesome.

And that … my dear friends is our theme for this Fairy Tale. Imagine that you are living in the time of the Neanderthal people. Early Neanderthals lived in the last glacial period for a span of about 100,000 years. Because of the damaging effects the glacial period had on the Neanderthal sites, not much is known about the early species. Countries where their remains are known include most of Europe south of the line of glaciation, roughly along the 50th parallel north. This includes most of Western Europe, the south coast of Great Britain,[61] Central Europe, the Carpathians, and the Balkans, some sites in Ukraine and in western Russia, Central and Northern Asia up to the Altai Mountains, and Western Asia from the Levant up to the Indus River. It is estimated that the total Neanderthal population across this habitat range numbered at around 70,000 at its peak. They were hunters and lived mostly in caves or simple housings.

Imagine that you are part of a Neanderthal family and that you are hunting with them. Try to imagine how you live and how your days and nights are passing by. Of course you can let go your imagination and give the Neanderthal people spiritual and magical powers … maybe you can think about their quest for fire …
Write a short story or a poem …

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  2. phylor
    June 5, 2015

    The Neanderthals have always fascinated me. Most feel that Homo Sapiens drove the Neanderthals to extinction. I would like to think that sometime, the two races exchanged good tidings, and we do have a drop or two of Neanderthal in our blood.


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