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Wordle #60 “May 11, 2015″

1. Screw 2. Bristle 3. Bombinate (to make a humming or buzzing noise) 4. Ceramic 5. Intricate 6. Classic 7. Slant 8. Vellichor (the strange wistfulness of used bookstores) 9. … Continue reading

May 11, 2015 · 19 Comments

Writing Prompt #106 “Valuable Lessons from Mom”

It is Mother’s Day in the USA (in Sweden it comes the last Sunday in May). So before we begin a big thank you to all the mothers the world … Continue reading

May 10, 2015 · 11 Comments

B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond – Triolet – May 9, 2015

. Hello everyone!  This is Paloma again, greeting you from B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond. Thank you for participating in last week’s challenge! For this week you have the choice of writing … Continue reading

May 9, 2015 · 11 Comments

Fairy Tale prompt May 8th 2015,

Good day dear friends, Time flies when you have fun … It’s time again for our Fairy Tale prompt, but it wasn’t easy to come up with something. So I … Continue reading

May 8, 2015 · 10 Comments

Tale Weaver 12: It’s documentary, my dear Watson.

The “artifacts” left behind by different cultures, societies, communities, social classes, and such provide a pathway into the past. Today so much documentation such as letters and the like are … Continue reading

May 7, 2015 · 6 Comments

Heeding Haiku With HA: Untold Stories

    There is a story lurking behind every face that we see, that we come across, that we meet, that we ignore and also that one which we fail … Continue reading

May 6, 2015 · 6 Comments

Photo Challenge #59, Shadow, May 05, 2015

Use the above image as inspiration for a poem or short-story. Alternatively, If you are an artist or photographer use this as an opportunity to showcase your own work. You … Continue reading

May 5, 2015 · 15 Comments

Wordle #59 “May 4, 2015″

Monarch Dance Fragrant Orange Culpable (blameworthy) Tantalize Oblivion Garden Extremity Phosphenes (a luminous image produced by mechanical stimulation of the retina, as by pressure applied to the eyeball by the finger … Continue reading

May 4, 2015 · 12 Comments

Writing Prompt #105 Memories

Yves K. Morrow For this week’s prompt I want you to describe a memory in vivid detail using all of the senses. You can even experiment with past life regression … Continue reading

May 3, 2015 · 12 Comments

B&P’s Shadorma and Beyond – The Villanelle – May 2, 2015

Hello Folks! We’re smack dab in the middle of spring and I thought it’d be nice to visit an old friend; the Villanelle! “A villanelle is an ancient Italian pastoral … Continue reading

May 2, 2015 · 33 Comments