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Writing Prompt #103 “Judgment”

Today’s prompt is based on the anime Death Parade and don’t worry you are not obligated to watch anything.

The anime is focused on the ambiguous stage between life and death, wherein the judgment of the soul takes place. Two people walk into a bar, no really, having died at the same time. The shock of death has temporarily obliterated their memories. They meet an enigmatic bartender who coerces them to play a game (trivial everyday sorts of games with a brutal twist) in order to “save” their lives. With no escape in sight the contestants reluctantly or eagerly agree to participate. The games start out true to form but escalate as they progress often causing physical and psychological pain in an effort to dislodge the memories and gauge their moral character. Invariably the contestants realize that they are already dead and that there was never any real physical danger. The memories resurface throughout the course of the ordeal, the memory of their deaths is often last to emerge.

Just as they enter through an elevator they exit through an elevator. Only one of the souls is reincarnated. The other soul is tossed into the void. The bartender is the arbitrator, a dummy who cannot die and who does not possess human emotions. Your job for this prompt is either to create a poem, story, comic, drawing based on this premise or to create your own concept of the judgment (be it end of life or end of times). Alternately you can create your own bizarre game show in hell. Or go with a less supernatural route and write about a time when you were harshly judged or when you prematurely passed judgment on someone else.

If you want to watch the anime you can here. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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  2. wingedwind
    April 19, 2015

    I have watched this anime, it was really good!

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    April 20, 2015

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