Heeding Haiku With HA: Noise

There is one thing that you’d find almost everywhere: Noise. From the noises made by the vehicles to industrial noises, from noise of your ceiling fan to the noise of children hollering, from birds twittering and chattering to dogs howling, from the banging of utensils in kitchen to the sound of footsteps, we are a noise unto ourselves. A disturbance. A ripple.

This week, I would like you to make us hear the noise through your haiku or tanka. I’m making this post through my crappy cell phone and thus, I won’t be able to add the linking widget. So, once you’ve made the post, kindly share your links in the comments down below.

You can also add following tags to your posts: HeedingHaikuWithHA and Mindlovemisery’sMenagerie. (The Mr. Linky has been added by one of my fellow prompters for your use!)

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