Heeding Haiku With HA: Resurrection

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Hi Yves here I am filling in for Anmol this week and I thought what better prompt with Easter around the bend then Resurrection. Now I am not referring to resurrection here in the biblical sense of Jesus rising from the grave (though you may write about that) or resurrection in the sense of zombies (though that it is also a perfectly viable route) but resurrection in the sense of revival and renewal. There are times when looking back on my life I feel I haven’t changed at all. Times when I am convinced that my life hasn’t moved forward and times when I feel like I am no more spiritually or emotionally aware than I was in childhood. And then there are other times where I can see the journey and all that I have overcome. Times when a single epiphany gives me courage and sends me off on a new adventure. Though I am still Yves, Yves has experienced many cycles of hibernation and rebirth. Sometimes we mistakenly reinvent ourselves in someone else’s image and sometimes we connect with and express something authentic within ourselves. I want you to think of such a time when you (or a fictional character) rose up from the grave (literally or figuratively) and made a positive perhaps life-saving transformation or helped to bring about a positive change in someone else’s life.

There are also other instances of resurrection in mythology for you to explore 


For this prompt I invite you to write tanka, haiku, or haibun.

Information on Haibun

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