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I call my blog a “fictional autobiography.” I love the juxtaposition of fancy and fact.

Fictional autobiography is this week’s Tale Weaver Prompt # 4.

Now it’s your turn to get fictional and autobiographical.

Create your fictional autobiography, using your life as a template. Turn the facts of you into the fiction of you. Possible scenarios: you write the introduction to your published fictional autobiography; bio for book signing tour.

“The year I won the Pulitzer, Nobel, and Man Booker prizes, I was inspired to write this book. My life has been so fascinating, I was sure every one would buy the book.”

Create a fictional character turning “fact” into “fiction.” Provide a brief synopsis of the character, then perhaps, a self-written pr package or blog post(s) of their fictionalized life story.

“Leonard Snort is a funny little man who only wears shades of neon orange. He is socially awkward, he likes women but turns bright red when he sees one. This clashes with his orange outfits.”

“Even laughter cries:” autobiographical blog of Leonard Snort

March 13, 2015

The executives decided my laugh was no longer needed for tv laugh tracks. I jumped over the conference table and took them down with mixed martial arts.”

Or, you could use a “real” person, living or dead, and fictionalize their autobiography. You don’t have to Google; use what you know, look at what they have done. Perhaps they are giving a (motivational) speech about their lives.

“It is our pleasure to have as our speaker tonight, Warren Zevon.

Let me tell you a bit about my life. I have been writing and singing gospel music from the age of 5. Last night, missing my family, I drank milk, ate chocolate chip cookies made by the kids, and wrote a new song.”

There are no word limits.

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