Fairy Tale February 27th 2015, “Atlantis”

Dear friends,

Another week has gone by and it’s time again for a new episode of “Fairy Tale”. And today I will try to inspire you with a post about Atlantis … the lost continent …
I am fascinated by this Myth of Atlantis since I was a kid and recently I read some articles about Plato’s ideas about Atlantis. You all will know that there is no clear point to place Atlantis. Some say somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean others say somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea.

Credits: Atlantis

Imagine that you are on a quest to find Atlantis and you really find it. How would it look like? What kind of people are living there, is there magic? Is there a religion? Try to write a story about your discovery of Atlantis.

Here is an idea I have about Atlantis … Atlantis is a magical and mysterious place with extra-terrestrial techniques built. Well have fun! I am looking forward to your responses.

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  1. this would get the creative juices flowing! i’m happy to have found your blog, very encouraging. thank you, and i look forward to prompts here!


  2. “They are still looking for us,” said the beautiful woman, as she walked down the marble steps.

    “They won’t stop, you know that,” he laughed. “Humans are like that.”

    “They won’t find us, even though we’re right in front of them.”

    “They only have three dimensions, my love, they can’t see us.”

    “But I can see them,” she sighed, pointing at a man on a bicycle. “It just seems odd that they don’t know we’re here.”

    “That’s the way it is with time and space.”

    “I know,” she said, looking toward the sea. “Everything is so beautiful at this time of day. I don’t understand how they can stand living the way they do.”

    “It’s all they know,” he said softly.

    “I wonder who’s watching us,” she said flippantly.

    “Indeed,” said the man, looking toward the sky. “Who’s watching Atlantis?”


  3. Great to know that you all are so positive about Fairy Tale … it’s a new challenge for me and I hope to do the Fairy Tale for a long time … hoping to become better …


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