Tale Weaver Prompt 2: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner February 26, 2015

1950s glass ala my parents
1950s glass ala my parents

Last week’s Tale Weaver Prompt: Substance was the first prompt from the new Tale Weaver team. Michael started the process with a stunning image and an intriguing prompt/challenge.

This week, it’s my turn to create the prompt. I hope you enjoy the dinner party.

Tale Weaver Prompt 2: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner February 26, 2015

Myself and a series of nutty roommates played “dinner party.” Each person was challenged to invite “someone,” living or dead, to supper to liven up or enlighten the affair.

Your tale weaver prompt this week is to plan a dinner party and invite 2 “entities” living or dead, to supper. Entities means you can include living or dead mythical, alien, human guests.

In the course of your tale, explore the questions below:

What occasion is it? A birthday, anniversary, milestone, or Sunday supper? What’s on the menu – any special requests? And, of course – the table talk! What do the invitees add to the evening?

Certain pairings would be arguing before the appetizers arrive, while others might be singing drinking songs before the arrival of desert.

Weave a tale about an extraordinary dinner party in 500 words or less.

When you’re finished your story, please TAG your post: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Tale Weaver. Ping back to this page and add your link to our new Mr. Linky image.




  1. Picking two can be tough. Having played dinner party, I already know who I will invite — I just have to figure out how to write about the experience, lol.
    Douglas Adams would be a very interesting dinner companion!


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