Tale Weaver Prompt: Substance

Welcome to a new Tale weaver prompt.

As of today Michael from down Morpethroad and Phylor from over Phylor’s blog will be posting the prompts.

We are keen to create a challenge each week to stretch your imagination and creative talents.

We are also keen for you to explore short story writing.

This can take the form of a straight prose piece, letters, diary and or dialogue.

We look forward to reading your responses to our prompts each week.



Image: Sunday Skeleton: Artist: Lucas Grogan

Use the image as the basis for short story. Word limit 500 words.

Within the context of your tale, weave into it reference to the word substance. Explore it’s meaning in terms of the story and the perception of the author and/or those involved.

Have fun.

Please link your tale using the Linky below.





  1. Ya hoo! It worked! Congrads on your first prompt going live — I am very impressed. I may need your assistance next week. I’m looking forward to reading comments and responses.

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    • Thank you Yves. The skeleton is hand stitched and the bottles come from my place where many years ago my father had collected them on a building site he was working on. They sat in our laundry for probably twenty years and one day Lucas asked if he could have them so I cleaned them up and this is how he has used some of them. Everything has a story doesn’t it.

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  2. First of all, what a great prompt! And welcome aboard – I’ve always enjoyed your fiction – it’s good to see you on the directing end of the blog 🙂

    What a neat piece of artwork too — very creative — and what a great use for those blue bottles! I have a weak spot for cobalt blue glass….!

    Very interesting! Will be great to see where this leads the muses 🙂

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