Maro Reĝo (Fairy Tale) – February 13, 2015

Hans Baldung.  Study of a Unicorn, 1544. WikiArt.
Hans Baldung. Study of a Unicorn, 1544. WikiArt.

Hello everyone – this is Jen filling in for Anja at the Fairy Tale prompt.

Let’s imagine that the illustration (above) is a photo of Maro Reĝo, a sea unicorn.   Recently, he’s been discovered chasing the dolphins off the coast of San Diego, USA.


How did this unicorn come to be swimming in the Pacific Ocean, and what does he have against dolphins?  Is there any way to stop his murderous rampage?  And does he, in fact, leave a trail of glitter wherever he goes?

(And now for a video introduced to me by my son, of all people.  Don’t watch this video if you’re easily offended. Language alert at 0:15 and 0:25; general silliness from 0:01 to 1:08.)

You can choose to write a poem or a short story.  Go as humorous or as serious as you want to.  The sky (or rather, the ocean) is the limit!

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Good luck!



    • Glad you liked it! Was a bit hesitant about sharing the video at first — but it was too funny not to share, in the end. 😉

      Can hardly wait to see what you’ve created! You do so well. 🙂


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