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BJ’s Shadorma & Beyond – Limerick – January 24, 2015


Alas, alas, here we  in the Northern Hemisphere are in the dark throes of winter, snow up to the yin-yang and all that … not to speak of long dark days … what to do?

Why look for something to do that’s bright, fun and peppy … like writing a limerick!

The limerick is a humorous (and sometimes bawdy be sure to warn your readers if you take this route) five-line poem, invented in Limerick, Ireland  with a nifty meter (there are known variations):

da da Dum da da Dum da da Dum da da  for lines 1, 2 and 5

da Dum da da Dum for lines 3 and 4

The rhyme scheme is A – A – B – B – A and for those who prefer syllables it’s a 9/9/6/6/9 syllable scheme … you can see some examples at Shadow Poetry .  Here’s my example which I’ve just written for you:

I once knew a man from Killarney
He was born with the gift of the blarney
He could talk you right out
Of your Guinness dark stout
And he sang just like Paul McCartney.

Well I’m sure this isn’t the best Limerick you’ve ever read, but it’ll do more or less as an example goes!

Now … for something to get us into a limerick mood … why not a limerick song from a Master of Limerick:

Of course like the title says, if you like you may wish to write a shadorma, a six-lined poem with a syllable count of 3/5/3/3/7/5 and to do so here’s a photo which might inspire you:



Whatever you choose to do, once you’ve finished your post, please tag:  BJ’s Shadorma & Beyond and Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, ping back to us or put your address in the comments then put your info onto the Mr. Linky app.

And a top of the morning to you (or have a nice evening whichever comes first)!!

Ciao,  Bastet!



And just for a laugh — Data’s Ode to Spot (his cat).

About Georgia

I love to read...I like to write...I've travelled the world and seen the sites. I'm past my prime and feel so young, especially when near the young. I'm writing this blog, to remember, to think and to share...with the hopes that someone else will make a comment that will stimulate new thoughts and pathways. Actually, I'm a gabber, so the logical extension of gabbing is blogging! ;-)

15 comments on “BJ’s Shadorma & Beyond – Limerick – January 24, 2015

  1. Jen
    January 24, 2015

    Fun videos!
    Am terrible at limericks — but — for you, Georgia — for you —!

    • Bastet
      January 24, 2015

      Well .. they’re not my fav sort of rhyme … just not good at the things … but I’ll do anything for the good of uplifting spirits during the the winter doldrums 😉 . Glad you enjoyed the videos.

      • Jen
        January 24, 2015

        Expect mine in the dungeon …. working on it now …. 🙂

        Speaking of winter doldrums — it’s snowing like crazy here. Kinda pretty … but … no sunshine in the near future!

      • Bastet
        January 24, 2015

        Ah … I’ll be looking forward to visiting the dungeon! I can’t complain .. we had grey days for the last week, but the sun seems to want to come out today .. keeping my fingers crossed!

      • Jen
        January 24, 2015

        Done! It’s live now. 🙂

      • Bastet
        January 24, 2015

        Cool … I’m off to see it!

      • Jen
        January 24, 2015

        Hopefully Chris is still talking to me afterwards 😉

      • Bastet
        January 24, 2015

        I’m sure he’ll love it! It was so funny!

      • Jen
        January 24, 2015

        Fingers crossed! 😉

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  3. julespaige
    January 24, 2015

    Ugh. Limericks… but I tried. So please keep the cream pie tossing to a minimum…
    And a Shadorma about our weather… also (the weather…)Ugh.
    The first of two storms… time to not go anywhere at all!


    • Bastet
      January 25, 2015

      I do know what you mean dear … oh dear, sorry about the storms and yes, limericks are not as easy as one would think … thanks for the old college try!

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