Fairytale Prompt (Little Red Riding Hood)


Daniel Egneus


For today’s prompt you are going to write from the perspective of the villain or alternately from the perspective of a side character. You can either retell a story like “Little Red Riding Hood” from the wolf’s or grandmother’s POV or you can invent your own fairytale writing from an alternate perspective.

Good luck and have fun!

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  1. he waited in the forest
    the girl was alone
    he tracked her
    hatchet in his hand
    he liked her blond hair
    and her red cape
    she reached her grandmother’s house
    he watched
    as she went inside
    the wolf was behind the door
    she signaled the girl to stay quiet
    she trusted her
    so she didn’t make a sound
    the door crashed open
    the huntsman rushed inside
    and grabbed the girl by her cape
    the wolf
    leaped from behind
    and snapped the huntsman’s neck

    everyone else lived happily ever after

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