BJ’s Shadorma & Beyond – December 27, 2014

Hello World!

Hope you’ve all had a great time!

This week, since we’ve got another holiday before us and I know you’ll all be busy, I thought we’d write a Shadorma or if you wish you can look at the side bar and choose one of the forms that we’ve introduced in the past.

I’m going to give you a choice of prompts – a song and a image.

So here’s a song:

I’ve been informed that Ulver is a Norwegian Black Metal group .. but this is part of an album that is an exceptionally interesting and to tell you the truth I liked very much – I’m not really very familiar with Black Metal but my informant tells me that it is a rather violent sort of music.

And now, here’s the image – a painting by Odilon Redon painted in 1900 entitled the “Fisher-woman” which I found on WikiArt.

The Fisherwoman - Odilon Redon

Once you’ve complete your poem, remember to tag Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie and BJ Shadorma & Beyond, then add your link to the Mr. Link app below.  I’d really appreciate it if you either ping to the post or add your post address as a comment so that I can read your work immediately.

Have fun … and have a Happy New Year!

Ciao, Bastet


  1. Black metal is not always violent. It is a very misunderstood genre. There may be violent imagery in some of the song lyrics, but as a whole, black metal musicians are not violent people any more than any other group of people are.
    Many black metal musicians are Pagans. Black metal is very popular in Scandinavia. In Norway in particular, people who do not identify as Christian tend to be persecuted, so black metal musicians often use Satanic or anti-Christian imagery as a protest against this.
    There is some violent history with black metal, much of it centering around church burnings and two murders. Most black metal musicians do not approve of church burnings, preferring to protest intellectually.
    A great film which gives wonderful insight into the black metal genre is Until the Light Takes Us. It is well worth watching.


    • Thanks Cie .. I’m glad you explained all of this. As I said (or remember saying which isn’t necessarily the same thing) I don’t know much about Black Metal, except that it’s popular in Norway .. ad I enjoyed Ulver’s album very much. I’ll look into that film.


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