The Legend of Awdangit (Tale Weaver)

Sawaki Suushi.  Uwan from the Hyakkai-Zukan. Wikimedia.
Sawaki Suushi. “Uwan” from the Hyakkai-Zukan. Wikimedia.

The Legend of Awdangit

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New  Year (in advance) from MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie!   This is Jen from Blog It or Lose It filling in for Oloriel at The Tale Weaver’s Prompt.



Hello! This is Bastet here to add a few words!  Our Oloriel is a busy lady right now … for those of you who follow her blog you know that she’s putting together her first book of poetry, which is a time consuming task! Here’s the LINK where you can read all about it, and maybe, you too would like to add a few words to her comments describing your impression of her work!

She’s a fascinating writer and with her rich esoteric talent she’s sure to have success and we at the Menagerie wish to offer our best wishes to her on her project!

Happy Holidays and we hope you have fun with this prompt …


Today I’m asking you to create a short tale about a “legendary spirit creature” in order to explain a common phenomenon in your life.  Japanese legend is full of these very interesting spirits – and they reveal some interesting leaps of the imagination!  For example, a brief visit to Wikipedia turns up the following:

* Abura-akago – An infant ghost who licks the oil out of lamps;

* Ashimagari – A spirit which entangles the legs of travelers;

* Hikeshibaba – An old woman who extinguishes lanterns;

* Kyōrinrin – Possessed scrolls or papers;

* Shōkera – A creature who peeks in through the skylight of an old house;

* Uwan – A spirit named for the sound it shouts when surprising people;

* Yamaoroshi – A possessed vegetable grater that looks a bit like a porcupine;

* Zorigami – An animated clock.

Toriyama Sekien.  Makuragaeshi, who moves your pillow from your head to your feet while you're sleeping. Wikimedia.
Makuragaeshi, who moves your pillow from your head to your feet while you’re sleeping. Wikimedia.

So – for this week – concoct a tale about a spirit or legendary creature.  Use this spirit to explain irritating household phenomenon or annoying personality traits.  You can be serious – or you can be humorous.  While you’re at it, create a name for this spirit/ creature.  The possibilities are endless.  Here are a few modern-day possibilities:

* Fellinahole:  The ghost who haunts men who leave the toilet seat up;

* Itsacreakin: The spirit who makes old houses creak in the middle of the night;

* Awdangit: The imp who makes you forget something as soon as you enter a new room;

* Mushypost: The spirit that makes your mail soggy on a rainy day;

* Dewey Needcereal: The mischievous spirit that makes you leave your grocery list at home.

Mokumokuren - haunted eyes that inhabit torn paper doors (shoji) and tatami mats. Wikimedia.
Mokumokuren – haunted eyes that inhabit torn paper doors (shoji) and tatami mats. Wikimedia.

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Have fun!



  1. Adore and had a good laugh over those ‘new’ creature names!

    I have half a memory of growing up with a poltergeist.
    (But that could have just been two mischievous siblings.)
    This looks like a fine prompt which I might not get to right away…
    But I do have a few hours before we visit family and are then off for our own ‘Holiday’ or ‘vacation’.

    Best to everyone here and everywhere!


    • Merry Christmas to you too!
      We blame our unexplained occurrences on a ghost — but that’s more out of frustration than anything else 😉


      • I started writing something using all of the …characters – but the internet connection at the hotel (staying close to the airport for our early morning flight…) I’ll probably end up waiting until tomorrow eve after check in.

        Upon arrival, we still have about some time before checking into our ‘resort’.

        Some folks swear by being haunted. I used to watch some of those Ghost Hunter type shows. Weird stuff can creep into a persons conscious if they let it.

        Catch everyone eventually. 🙂
        Maybe even before the New Year!


  2. I’ve been so bothered by those Kleptonians, I even posted them and the update in fairy tale Friday. I’m still not sure if all the links work, and I don’t know how to delete from blenza a mistaken posting


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