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Inadequately Defined – Writing Prompt #86 – December 21, 2014


Yves writes:

Definitions can be limiting especially when defining emotional states or characteristics. Often we define our emotions in very black and white terms. Jealousy is negative. Joy is positive. We never explore the yin and yang nature of our feelings and characteristics. We want to feel good and comfortable. We want to avoid discomfort and heartache. Unwittingly we often seek what we believe to be perfection and in so doing miss out a good deal on life.

I want you to choose an emotion (rage, joy, frustration, exhilaration etc.) or a character trait (stubborn, jealous, apathetic, whimsical) and explore.

If you have chosen a “positive” emotion I want you to talk about the negative aspects, how that state or characteristic might be taken to an unhealthy extreme. What illusions might this state create if prolonged? What valuable lessons might be lost if this state were permanent or even predominant? Can this characteristic be used as a crutch? How might this state/characteristic be viewed by others (humor can sometimes be used as defense mechanism, humor can also be perceived as incompetence or even stupidity in some situations)?

If you have chosen a “negative” state or trait I want you to look for its positive aspects. How can it be harnessed in a healthy and beneficial way? What lessons might you learn? For example jealousy is largely seen as negative but it may be that jealousy encourages us to continue the wooing process even after obtaining a mate, lest that mate be taken by another suitor.

Merry Christmas to all!


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8 comments on “Inadequately Defined – Writing Prompt #86 – December 21, 2014

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  2. J
    December 22, 2014

    Oooh! Odilon Redon!
    You have my attention! 🙂
    A great post — very challenging —!!!

    • Bastet
      December 22, 2014

      Isn’t that a delightful photo! Yves wrote the posts and left it to me to decide whether to put up a media file as a help to the written prompt.

      • J
        December 22, 2014

        And you made an AWESOME choice! If anyone says “inadequately defined” it’s Odilon – but he liked it that way 😉

      • Bastet
        December 22, 2014

        He sure did … and that painting is soooo hermetic!

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    • Bastet
      December 22, 2014

      lol … I’ll certainly give it the old college try dear Pumpkins!

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