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The Zoo – Writing Prompt # 85 – December 14th 2014



From Yves:
There are a couple of paths you can take and I have tried to include a wide variety of options

You are visiting the zoo (alone, with friends, on a date with your class) for this feel free to recount a real life experience or to dramatize the scenario (an animal escapes, you fall into a cage, you set the animals free).

You work in a zoo. What happens behind the scenes? (I recently watched a documentary on Sea World truly horrendous how they treat the animals, animals they’ve no business incarcerating in the first place)

You rescue/rehabilitate animals/educate people on wildlife and how to protect the environment

You work on a wildlife preserve. How do you keep poachers away? What is a typical day like?

You are one of the animals in the zoo (describe your life)

You’ve been abducted by aliens and are being showcased along with a myriad of other beings in a zoo (describe the aliens, your habitat, any misunderstanding they have about the human species, the other sentient beings in the zoo if you have contact with them)

You are a sex slave being held with others for the entertainment of wealthy psychopaths

Perhaps the earth itself is one giant zoo?

You can also do a social commentary. Comparing different high school cliques to zoo exhibits. Or discussing why you feel zoos are beneficial or inhumane.


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    • Bastet
      December 18, 2014

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