Prompt # 84 – Soap Opera – December 7th 2014

Credits: Wikipedia


From Yves:
I haven’t watched many soap operas in my time, maybe a couple of episodes with my cousin who was positively obsessed with Days of our Lives. From what I gather amnesia is as common as the cold, everyone has a missing twin, airplanes are not a very reliable form of transportation, and pharmaceuticals are a requisite for ensuring love. There are even times when life feels like a soap opera. Sometimes we invite/cause the drama knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes events spiral out of our control and things that had seemed impossible begin to occur with shocking regularity. Sometimes a person in our lives accelerates our pace to a nearly hysterical degree. Your job is to either create a drama or recount a time when your own life became a circus.



  1. Love that the image is Dark Shadows. The ONLY soap opera I watched (I don’t think I would have liked the recent film version) — now that takes me back! As for drama, I could just describe a family get together, lol.


      • I don’t think our family is original in that concept.
        I tried googling to find the history of the quote and got way too much information…

        Kind of like when your elder tells a risque joke – they seem quite comfortable but you are at the table with multiple generations and just want to turn invisible.

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    • Hi Phylor … been a little tied up but it’s nice to see you … Dark Shadows was also the only soap opera I’d ever seen … so when i was looking for a photo .. and saw that, I jumped. The film was funny actually … I much preferred the soap ๐Ÿ˜‰


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