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Tale Weaver’s Prompt #37 “A Griffin Walks Into A Bar”

Rogue taxidermy griffin, Copenhagen. Wikimedia.

Rogue taxidermy griffin, Copenhagen. All images: Wikimedia.

“So, this griffin walks into a bar.”


“No, really.  A griffin walks into a bar.”

“What’s a griffin?”

A griffin is a mythological creature that may have originated in ancient Persia, where it was seen in art from around 3000 BC.  From there the legend spread to Egypt, Greece, and eventually medieval Europe.  Griffins have a lion’s body, tail, and back legs.  Their front legs are eagle talons; they also have an eagle’s wings and head.  Sometimes they have large, feathered ears.

You can read more about griffins here.

Griffin by Konrad Lykosthenes 1518-1561. Wikimedia.

So, now that you’ve been introduced, I’d like you to write a short tale in which you transport your griffin to modern day life.

If you’re not fond of the griffin you may write about any other *dangerous* mythological creature.  (Basilisk, dragon, Medusa, etc.)  If you write about a lesser-known creature please tell us more about this creature within your story – enough that we can see if it has horns, hide, fangs, talons, wings … or is likely to catch something on fire …

 … or eat someone.

Griffin on a Medieval Tapestry in Basel c. 1450. Wikimedia.

With your griffin (or other dangerous creature), visit any place you desire:  exciting places – boring places – ridiculous places – whatever.  Tell us what happens.  For example:

*  What would happen if a griffin tried to get a driver’s license?

*  Can a griffin ride in the subway?

*  Do griffins get yearly exams at the doctor’s office?

*  What do griffins buy at the grocery store?

*  Do griffins video rock concerts with their smart phones?

*  Do griffins queue up at the post office – or do they go to the front of the line?

*  What would happen if a griffin delivered your pizza?

*  Would griffins make good mall cops?

*  And yes.  A griffin walks into a bar.

Griffin at Farkashegyi Cemetery, Budapest. Wikimedia.

You may want to consider your creature’s family.  In which case – Harry Potter fans – do you remember the Hippogrif?  Well, the hippogrif is the offspring of a griffin and a mare.  (Which could also make an interesting story.)

Share your stories with us!  Humorous stories, grim stories; lighthearted stories, stories that bear a warning.  It’s up to you!  Then tag: your post Tale Weaver’s Prompt and MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie.  Please add your link Mr. Linky too.

Heraldic Guardian Griffin at Kasteel de Haar, Netherlands. Wikimedia.

Have fun!


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