Tale Weaver’s Prompt #36 “Sea of Otherwordly Stars”

Last night I watched another episode of Mushishi if you haven’t gathered I am very fond of this anime, it gets my mind working in mysterious ways.


Unfortunately I can’t find a link for this episode at present so you will just have to make do with my summary


(Y refers to the younger sister O to the older sister)

Y sees what looks like stars in the bottom of a well. O can’t see them. Their parents don’t want the girls hanging out by the well because it is dangerous. Y notices that every day there are less “stars” and she becomes fascinated, returning day after day despite O’s pleading. O attempts to bribe Y by giving away a favored doll. Y takes the doll but continues to sneak out to the well. One day the doll falls into the well and Y falls in after it. O runs to get her parents but they are only able to retrieve the doll. The father accuses O of lying. He believes his daughters were fighting and that Y ran away. The mother isn’t certain what to believe but calls in a paranormal expert to search for her missing daughter. O believes Y is in the house because she has glimpsed her and because the doll “moves” mysteriously when no one is looking.


O is correct Y is in the house but in another dimension? and she is moving the doll. Y has lost her memories and does not understand how she came to live alone. Everyday food appears mysteriously and she believes it might be God taking care of her. The food actually comes from her mother who continues to prepare meals for her missing daughter. The only interaction Y has in this world is the hide and seek game she plays with O (where they each take turns hiding the doll). The father is totally against the supernatural explanation.


This got me to thinking about what you would do if you were the only person on earth. Sam asked me if I thought it would be scarier if everyone in the world had died or if everyone simply vanished. I thought about this for awhile but I didn’t come up with a satisfactory answer. On the one hand if everyone died then they could not come back I would be all alone forever (plus whatever killed them be it disease, radiation, Yeti might eventually take my life). If everyone disappeared then they might return but then again why did they leave in the first place? Did they abandon me? Were they abducted? If something snatched them away, that something might return for me and who knows what horrors might await. In the end it was a question I could not answer but it seems there is more hope in the 2nd (though there are assuredly fates worse than death, is there one worse than complete loneliness?). Sometimes we feel we are all alone in the world. That no one understands. That we are too different. That we are socially exiled. That is another possible consideration for the prompt. You can take a supernatural route a science fiction route, or share a moment when you felt like you were all alone in the world emotionally or spiritually. You can talk about losing your religious faith. You can even write something based exclusively on the title which by the way is the title of the episode (S2E16) if you want to have a look.


  1. This prompt reminds me of episodes from The Twilight Zone or even a few from Star Trek. I think it is a very relate-able prompt though because sometimes we are actually alone (vs being lonely) even in our own neighborhoods – think about all the people who live in large apartment buildings there are hundreds or thousands of people just a few feet away and yet so very far… Or we think we are alone when we believe we are the only one to face a particular problem (especially as teenagers).

    I was going through one of my coat closets today and found a coat that belonged to my grandfather. And I can’t quite remember when I got it. Following your story prompt I can perhaps wonder if he was trying to communicate with me. While I hadn’t thought of something to write about when I first read this prompt… well I might have just discovered my inspiration 🙂

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