Fairytale Prompt #35

This week’s theme is “The Enchanted Sword” and I can think of no more famous example than King Arthur’s Excalibur.  Sword can refer to any type of weapon in this case an axe, a club, a bow, a stiletto.  It can also refer to a piece of armor a helmet, a shield, a breastplate. Any piece of equipment used by the hero/villain that is imbued with supernatural powers. The item can be blessed or cursed it is up to you. You can set your adventure at any point in time. You can have a professional boxer with enchanted gloves.  A nefarious wizard with a cursed wand. A samurai with a blessed katana. A doctor with an enchanted scalpel. The possibilities are endless.


How does the hero/villain acquire the item?

What mythology surrounds the item?

Who was the original owner? How was it forged?

Is the item blessed or cursed? What are its special abilities and secret features?

Can the item communicate with the hero/villain? In many video games there is a talking sword so feel free to experiment with that. Your talking item can be a fount of wisdom, a source of comedic relief, a malevolent voice, a nagging sycophant whatever you like.

Does possessing the item alter your character’s personality in anyway?


  1. Hmmm… this particular prompt falls in with Wordle-Vice.
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    I was thinking I’d combine it with the ‘Cheat Sheet’ Prompt…but now not so much.

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    So the Fairy Tale addition will be delayed.

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  2. Just to let you know the Shardoma prompt isn’t coming up on your post.
    It arrived in my mailbox, but when I go to the blog it isn’t there…
    The November 22 post with the Mythbuster guy.


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