Photo Challenge #35 “Flowers in Snow”


This week I have a treat for you. Just kidding I took the photos for this week’s challenge which means you can manipulate them to your heart’s content or use as is. I have several for you so feel free to use any or all. You don’t have to be literal and write about flowers obviously though you can.


This one was neat because the snow is so white you can’t see it, it just looks like a light.



  1. Beautiful photos!

    I actually saw an solid colored orange yellow butterfly over the weekend in Clearwater, FL…

    I think it was the Sulfur, Apricot. Though according to the map it should not have been there… nor it’s relative the Yellow-angled Sulfur… But I know what I saw!

    And I did want to remember it…
    Though it is a busy two fer day here. So maybe later… 🙂

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