Fairytale Prompt #34

Today’s prompt will be a little different than the rest. I am going to offer you a character to put into your plot. Simple. From there you can allow your imagination to soar and come up with a brilliant story.

The character I offer to you will be a GIANT. I know with that word many images can spring to mind but I advise you to paint the canvas white, and create your own image of a Giant.

I truly enjoyed the tales from last week. I am sorry I do not always leave comments but I am working on two huge projects at school and studying for six finals. Rest assured, I do read them and once this semester ends, I hope to be able to interact more.

As always, write your tale then add your link below in Mister Linky.


  1. Hey just to agree with what Cheryl-Lynn said. I know I sometimes take a while to visit everyone’s links and reply to comments on my blog – and that’s without having the additional commitment of organising any prompts. So, a big thank you and best wishes for projects and finals finals! 🙂


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