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Taleweaver’s Prompt #34 “Hephaestus”

Hephaestus By Ascachilwen


Hephaestus is probably my favorite of the Greek gods possibly because so little is known of him and probably because he is kind of an outcast/reject. You can either embellish and/or retell an existing myth or you can create an entirely new one. You can even insert yourself into the myth.

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Music: PJ Harvey, Radio Head, Fleetwood Mac, David Usher/Moist, Johnny Cash, Portishead, Damien Rice (basically I am a 90s kid I like alternative, grunge, Industrial and other types of metal, oldies, punk, rock etc.) Authors: Sylvia Plath, James Baldwin, Edmund White, Arthur Rimbaud, Jim Carrol, Jeff Noon, etc. Movies: A Clock Work Orange, Fight Club, House of Flying Daggers (I like a lot of cult movies, horror, comedy, drama, I don't like action and fantasy is terrifying lol) Philosophical Beliefs: Buddhism, Daoism, Shintoism (before it changed under Nationalism), The Transcendent Order Favorite Video Game: Planescape Torment What I do: read, write, yoga, pilates, weight-lift, walk, study philosophy and psychology, dance like a crazy person, paint, dream etc. Qualities: stubborn, sarcastic, teasing, playful, open, flirtatious, eccentric, passionate, forgetful, open-minded.

11 comments on “Taleweaver’s Prompt #34 “Hephaestus”

  1. hitandrun1964
    November 13, 2014

    Hep was cool
    he hung out with guys
    who didn’t speak Latin or Greek
    but made up their own language instead
    just for fun
    when he wore clothes
    he wore his collars up
    and rolled his sleeves
    his chariot had flames
    running along the sides
    he had tattoos on both arms
    and his back
    and while something of an outcast
    the girls loved him
    he collected anvils and used them
    to create interesting works of art
    he was wealthy
    and because of that
    he was often saved
    from the overt wrath of others
    Hep was a generous God
    he helped the poor and needy
    he didn’t care what other people thought
    he made music
    and started a band
    he thought humans were mean
    and hypocritical
    he didn’t mix with those
    who worshipped in golden temples
    but mingled with outcasts
    and nature lovers
    Hep was a cool cat
    who enjoyed his time on earth
    but when asked if he would return
    he said no
    one trip to hell was enough

  2. hitandrun1964
    November 13, 2014

    Definitely…that was the inside joke…hepcat:) Glad you liked it:) Thank you so much.

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  5. julespaige
    November 14, 2014

    Took me awhile with all the research …and after the kiddies left.
    (By the way we had our first snow today… though it didn’t last that long)


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  7. phylor
    November 16, 2014

    As usual, I couldn’t colour within the lines. Great prompt.

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