Tale Weaver’s Prompt#33 “Shadow People”

Shadow People Hypothetic Realist

Hypothetic Realist@Deviant Art

Today’s prompt was inspired by an anime I watch Mushishi. This anime is perfectly suitable for adults and probably directed at a more mature audience though rating wise it is very clean (no sex, nudity, or gore). In the anime a little girl must trade places with a shadow (the trade transpires when the unattached shadow steps on the little girl’s shadow). The shadow lives the life that very likely would have been the girls, while the girl exists in a state of perpetual dusk. You can write from either perspective. You can even imagine life if you were to trade places with your own shadow. Alternatively you can write about shadows. As a girl I often saw humanoid shadows for which I could ascertain no source and I found these very frightening.

If you would like you can view the episode here



  1. if you lay very still
    you can feel them
    around you
    you can hear
    of their movements
    you can see
    their shadows on the walls
    and ceiling
    as they watch
    and wait
    I don’t know what
    or who they are
    I don’t know
    what they want
    but they are
    always there



  2. It is creepy and yet cool in a mysterious way. What an amazing prompt! i had an idea of my story just from the photo but after watching the animé, it is different now…back to the drawing board.


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