Prompt #78 “Persephone”

Today’s prompt comes to us from Jen at Blog It or Lose It! If you haven’t heard the fabulous news already Jen has joined MLMM and will be working together with Bastet on the now expanded Shadorma Challenge. Jen will be teaching us about the different forms of poetry =)


Watch the video (warning it is a bit disturbing) and create!


Here is my entry


I offer three sacrifices,

Three visions,

Three ultimatums

And for each a drop of blood,


Entrench in me your infamy

Your rudiment,

Your much besieged Christ

To weep at the sight of love

To lust at the sacrament

To unfold you knowing

That one of us must die.


PS) I am not sure if my comments are getting through on Blogspot, so if you are using Blogspot and have not receive feedback  from me please let me know.


  1. “Entrench me in your infamy”—what a stellar line 🙂 Wish I’d thought of it! Definitely playing along with this prompt. It is divine. Thanks!


  2. OMG!! There is a s-s-s-s…. slithery thing at the beginning of the video. Thank goodness the music is so entrancing or I would have run shrieking! I loved this prompt – I’m fond of the Persephone myth – and popped my piece into the link up.
    Thank you for a great prompt!


  3. Wow ….. “To unfold you knowing / That one of us must die.” — so many great lines in this poem — but the ending really hit me. Looks like there’s a great response so far — that is good news — I’m glad it’s really hitting home with everyone.

    And — thanks for the kind words too 🙂


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