Prompt #76 “Self-Portrait”


Elly Smallwood

For today’s prompt I want you to write about yourself through the eyes of someone else. The observer can be a total stranger, an enemy, or a friend/relative. The portrait can be humorous and filled with comical misconceptions or it can be an enlightening sketch of your inner most being. How do others perceive you? Having done this exercise beforehand I can say that for mine I used comments/observations people have shared with me over the years (you can also use overheard comments). Shy people are sometimes accused of being snobs. Quiet people of being depressed. Pretty blondes of being stupid. You can use these stereotypes in your self-assessment particularly if you’ve been unfairly labeled with them. Over the years we all accumulate our share of compliments, criticisms, and casual perceptions. Work with these to create a portrait of yourself. How much you reveal is up to you and it doesn’t have to be completely accurate as opinions can be biased. If you are an artist or photographer create a self-portrait.


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